Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dreamboat Dixie Channels Heart: Scott Walker is her Magic Man

The karaoke version.

'He's magic': Scott Walker's Iowa moment continues with fundraisers, Lincoln Day Dinner.  (Capital Times, 5/17/2015)
“He’s my candidate. You bet. He’s magic,” said Dixie Watters of Des Moines, who greeted Walker with a hug at Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart's Blue Jean Bash fundraiser on Saturday afternoon. “He can win three elections in four years, in a blue state. That’s all it takes.”

Asked what Walker would bring to the White House, Watters answered: “Class. Dignity. Strength.”

Between now and 2016, Watters’ plans are to campaign “for Gov. Walker, absolutely, as much as possible.”

This from a woman who calls herself 'president' of 'Self-employed'.  Ach du lieber!!

Dixie Belluchi-Watters on Facebook.  "He's a hugger," sez Dixie.

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Whaddya think?  Walker stalkeresque?

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