Monday, September 25, 2023

Day 1059 of GOP election denial hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, North Carolina edition)

When election hysteria leads to voter suppression.

North Carolina Republicans just passed a bill that gives them the power to appoint ALL elections officials in the state.

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
starring North Carolina State Senator
Warren Daniel
Headline:  New York Times, 9/22/2023
Despite its partisan nature, the existing system that gives a governor nominal control over the makeup of election boards has worked without controversy under governors of both parties for decades. 
Mr. Daniel and other Republicans nevertheless call the House measure a common-sense move to scrub partisanship from election boards and promote compromise on thorny election issues. 
Democrats and voting-rights advocates argue that the legislation would encourage the opposite. The equally divided boards, they said, would allow Republicans to use tie votes to block adoption of some measures, such as allotting early-voting polling places in solidly Democratic cities, that might impede Republican success[emphasis added]

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