Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Market Square Theaters have been closed since the start of the pandemic

17 months ago.

Photo by Retiring Guy


Most recent twitter post is from January 2020.  Pre-Covid.

7/7/2020 update starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Original 3/16/2020 post starts here


St. Luke's Lutheran Church.  Sunday services cancelled.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Middleton Public Library.   Dear Library Visitors.

Middleton City Hall.  City Hall Administrative Offices Closed.

Middleton Senior Center.  All programs, activities and card games are cancelled.


Hubbard Avenue Diner.  "It's time to eat".

Not many takers, based on an unusually empty parking lot

Post office

Barriques (l) and Taigu (r).  At a glance, there looked to be 3-4 people in Barriques.  Usually it's a challenge to find an open seat. 

Take-out only at Taigu.  But then that's the bulk of its business.

Sofra Family Bistro

St. Bernarnd's Catholic Church

Willy Street West.  Per order Public Health Madison Dane County -- no bulk-dispensed, unpackaged items.  (So much for that oatmeal on the grocery list.)

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