Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kellogg's Wants You to Put Out the Box at Bedtime

With a night campaign, Kellogg's Aims for Snappier Sales.  (The New York Times, 12/17/2014)

I smell more than a whiff of desperation here.
“Waiting quietly as the rest recharge is the most important box in the world,” says the voice of the actor Kyle MacLachlan, who speaks softly as if wishing not to wake the sleeping. Cereal falls in slow motion against a black background. “Crispy flakes, sons of the sun itself.” 

A bowl of cereal seems to sit on the horizon line as the sun dramatically rises behind it. “Tomorrow,” sung by Andrea McArdle from the original Broadway cast recording of the musical “Annie,” plays. Milk cascades onto the cereal and, as a boy is seen sleeping in his bed and his parents in theirs, the voice-over continues. “A magic formula of protein and grain that helps turn little boys to soccer players, moms to supermoms.” 

As the voice-over concludes, “Tomorrow is yours to claim, set yourself with Kellogg’s tonight,” the brand’s tag line, “See you at breakfast,” appears at the end.

What cereal executives have been reading lately:

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