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UPDATE. Democratic challenger Matthew Michaelsen vs. 2-term GOP incumbent Rob Swearingen in 34th Wisconsin Assembly District

Rob Swearingen's election history (Ballotpedia)
  • 2012 GOP primary.  Defeated Alex Young with 74.4% of vote
  • 2012 general election.  Defeated 1 Democratic and 2 independent opponents with 57.2% of the vote.
  • 2014 GOP primary.  No challenger.
  • 2014 general election.  Ran unopposed.

Campaign websites:
Revitalize the Northwoods (Matthew Michalsen)

Other 2016 updates:
6 years later, Andre Jacque comfortably ensconced in Wisconsin State Assembly.  (7/11/2016)
Three State Assembly representatives from Milwaukee running for re-election unopposed in 2016.  (7/12/2016)
State Assembly races: 3 suburban Milwaukee Republicans running unopposed.  (7/19/2016)
Wisconsin State Assembly incumbents Mursau, Ballweg, Schraa running unopposed this fall.  (7/25/2016)
Rock County Wisconsin Assembly incumbents Kolste, Spreitzer running unopposed in fall election.  (7/26/2016)
Lynn Utesch challenges first-term incumbent Joel Kitchens in 1st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/22/2016)
6 years later, Andre Jacque comfortably ensconced in 2nd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/22/2016)
Republican Ron Tusler and Democrat Sharon Wasileski vie for open seat in 3rd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/23/2016)
Nonresident Ron Tusler wins 3rd Wisconsin Assembly District GOP primary.  (8/10/2016)
Democrat Tony Lee challenges one-term GOP incumbent David Steffen in 4th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/23/2016)
GOP incumbent Jim Steineke vs. Democratic challenger Sam Kelly in 5th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/24/2016)
GOP incumbent Gary Tauchen vs. Democratic challenger William Switella in 6th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/24/2016)
Republican and Libertarian challenge Democratic incumbent in Wisconsin Assembly 7th District race.  (8/25/2016)
Zamarripa beats Manriquez for 4th time in 8th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Incumbent Zepnick survives challenge in 9th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Self-proclaimed "I'm not perfect" candidate wins 11th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
2012 rematch in 14th Wisconsin Assembly District: GOP incumbent Dale Kooyenga vs. Dem challenger Chris Rockwood.  (8/25/2016)
With primary win, Leon Young will serve 13th term in 16th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/10/2016)
David Crowley wins open-seat 17th District Wisconsin Assembly Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Sinicki easily survives challenge in 20th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Wisconsin State Assembly 21st Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary winner to face Jessie Rodriguez in November.  (8/10/2016)
Democratic challenger Ron Kossik takes on GOP incumbent Paul Tittl in 25th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/26/2016)
Democrat challenger Rebecca Clark vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Terry Katsma in 26th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/72/2016)
Democratic challenger Nanette Bulebosh vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Tyler Vorpagel in 27th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/27/2016)
Adam Jarchow faces 2 challengers in 28th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/28/2016)
1 blowout, 1 close race in 29th Wisconsin State Assembly District partisan primaries.  (8/11/2016)
Shannon Zimmerman wins 30th Wisconsin Assembly District GOP primary, promises to move there.  (8/11/2016)
Democratic challenger Clinton Anderson vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Amy Loudenbeck in 31st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/29/2016)
Democratic challenger Christine Welcher vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Tyler August in 32nd Wisconsin  Assembly District.  (8/29/2016)
Democratic challenger Brandon White takes on 1-term incumbent Cody Horlacher in 33rd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/30/2016) 
Renea Frederick wins 35th Wisconsin Assembly District Democratic primary.  (8/12/2016)
Candidate who dropped out of 38th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary still receives 30% of vote.  (8/12/2016)
Don Vruwink wins 43rd Wisconsin Assembly District Democratic primary election.  (8/12/2016)
Jimmy Anderson wins 3-way primary in 47th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/13/2016)
Art Shrader easily wins 50th Wisconsin Assembly District Democratic primary.  (8/13/2016)
It's Dennis Hunt vs. Rob Summerfield in 67th Wisconsin Assembly District fall general election.  (8/14/2016)
David Gorski beats Russ Brown in 72nd Wisconsin Assembly District Democratic primary.  (8/14/2016)
Feel the Bern: Wischmeier gets singed in challenge to Hillary supporter and 78th Wisconsin Assembly District incumbent Lisa Subeck.  (8/15/2016)
Sondy Pope easily dispatches faux Democrat in 80th Wisconsin Assembly District primary.  (8/17/2016)
With no Dem in fall election, Chuck Wichgers wins 83rd Wisconsin Assembly seat in GOP primary.  (8/17/2016)
John Spiros-Nancy Stencil rematch in 86th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/19/2016)
Mondovi mayor wins 92nd Wisconsin Assembly District primary in low-turnout election.  (8/19/2016)
Lena Taylor easily withstands Mandela Barnes challenge in 4th Wisconsin Senate District.  (8/21/2016)
It's Mark Harris vs. Dan Feyen in 18th Wisconsin Senate District November election.  (8/21/2016)
Both Jen Shilling and Dan Kapanke win big in 32nd Wisconsin Senate District primaries,  (8/21/2016)

Original 7/6/2012 post, "Who's running for State Assembly in the 34th District" starts here.

Public libraries in the 34th Assembly District

Academic library
Richard J. Brown Library, Nicolet College, Rhinelander

The 34th District is an open seat.

Rep. Dan Meyer will not seek re-election to another term.  (Lakeland Times, 2/3/2012)

Excerpt: In a press released issued early Friday evening, Meyer said his 12 years of service have been "very rewarding and humbling, but that it's time to move on, I never wanted to be a career politician," Meyer added, "12 years seems like a good term limit to impose on myself.

The Republican Candidates

Rob Swearingen

Swearingen to run for State Assembly.  (Lakeland Times, 4/17/2012)

Excerpt:  Swearingen, along with his wife Amy, are the longtime owner/operators of The Al-Gen Dinner Club  [the interior of which very much resembles the White Stag, which apparently is not the place it used to be]. With nearly two decades of experience running a small business, Swearingen knows what it takes to balance a budget, how to create jobs and what needs to be done to further economic development in the region. 

"Northern Wisconsin is not only a good place to live and work, but it is also a premiere vacation destination," explained Swearingen. "Because the lifeblood of the economy in the North woods is tied to tourism, the State needs to do all it can to promote this vital industry."

Wisconsin Eye interview.

Alex Young

Young to run for 34th Assembly District.  (Lakeland Times, 2/10/2012)

Excerpt:  Nearly eight years ago, it took only 10 write-in votes for Alex Young to be elected to the vacant sixth district seat on the Rhinelander City Council.

Now the current city council president is entering a much larger political ring. A few days after Rep. Dan Meyer announced he would not be seeking re-election in the fall for a seventh straight term representing the state's 34th Assembly District, Young officially announced his candidacy for the position.

Alex Young on Facebook.

The Democratic Candidates

Roberta Retrum

Roberta Retrum announces candidacy for 34th District.  (PolitiScoop, 2/17/2012)

Excerpt: Roberta, a native of Wisconsin, retired to the Eagle River area four years ago. She holds an Associate Degree in Accounting and will bring this skill and knowledge to the 34th District in drafting and approving the State Budget. 

Roberta is new to the political scene. She said the actions of Governor Walker, last February, shocked her into realizing what can go wrong in the State for the average citizen if dedicated people like herself didn't act as watchdogs to safeguard an open and transparent government.

Roberta Retrum on Facebook.

Wisconsin Eye interview.

Netroots Nations Scholarship Application.

Merlin Van Buren

Van Buren enters 34th State Assembly District race.  (Lakeland Times, 3/27/2012)

Excerpt:    Van Buren has served on the School District of Rhinelander's board for the last year, and said education will be an important issue in his campaign. 

Lost -- decisively is the adjective of choice -- to Dan Meyer in 2010.

The Independent Candidates

Todd Albano

Todd Albano on Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/AlbanoForAssembly

Kevin FitzPatrick

FitzPatrick announces candidacy for 34th Assembly District.  (Lakeland Times, 4/17/2012)

Minocqua resident and teacher/coach at Lakeland Union High School.

Hat tip to Kris Adams Wendt.

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