Tuesday, January 5, 2016

You're forgiven if you thought he was the Commissioner of Florida Railroads

State railroad commissioner resigns after revelations about handling of employee discipline.  (Madison.com, 1/5/2016)
The state's railroad commissioner resigned Monday, a month after state records showed he took minimal disciplinary action against state workers who were having sex in public buildings.

Plale's LinkedIn resume is curiously incomplete and inexcusably casual about dates of employment.

Governor Scott Walker appointed him Commissioner of Railroads in August 2011, which Plale lists twice on LinkedIn.  Prior to this appointment, Plale served as DOA Division of Facilities Management administrator, also a Walker appointment, for 8 months.

Plale served as a Wisconsin State Senator through the end of 2010.  He lost, soundly, to Chris Larson in a September 14, 2010, primary election.

Source;  Ballotpedia

Before the end of his term, Plale and fellow defeated Democrat Russ Decker voted with Senate Republicans not to extend the union contracts of state employees.  (Walker introduced Act 10 two months later.  Hmm....makes you wonder.)

As for Plale's start date in the state senate, he won a special election in April 2003.  His resignation from the Wisconsin State Assembly was effective as of May 9, 2003, as noted in the 2009-2010 edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book. (page 32)

Prospective employers, I'd give this guy's resume a careful inspection.

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