Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Enrich your family life with this Samsung Smart Family Hub Fridge

At a price of $5,000, you'll be keeping up with the Barringtons, not the Joneses.

CES 2016: Rewind from Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show.  (Seattle Times, 1/5/2016)
Roughly translated, Samsung’s strategy is focusing on the range of sensor equipped-devices termed the Internet of Things, mobile devices, and areas of consumer frustration with existing technology (TV watchers struggling with too many remotes was a prime example). 
The star of the show was arguably the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, a stainless steel fridge with a 21-inch, high-definition touchscreen. A video demonstration portrayed the appliance as a hub to synchronize and display pieces of families’ digital lives, hosting calendars, shopping lists and the like.

Still as timely as it was 15+ years ago.   Lightly Buttered, with Angst.  (The New York Times, 6/13/2000)

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