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Visit to the site of the former Mirro Aluminum Company, Manitowoc Wisconsin

That was then (2010)
Photos and video by Retiring Guy

This is now

Seehafer News, 8/19/2022
Many people are asking what is happening with that plot of land located in the 1500 block of Washington Street. 
Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels told Seehafer News that the City will be hiring a law firm to help move things forward. He said they will be doing 
“Basically the same thing we did at the Newton Gravel Pit, try to go back and try and recover costs from… [businesses] on that site who caused contamination and/or the fact that the city had to tear down the building.” 
As far as what is going into that spot, Mayor Nickels said it is likely to be housing. 
“We are still working with a company that is looking at workforce housing/townhouses,” the mayor explained.

The Mirro site has been vacant for so long that it’s now greenery is now pushing through cracks in the concrete. According to recent news articles, the City of Manitowoc plans to build affordable housing on the Washington Avenue side of the lot and create a public park on the opposite side. This idea has been under discussion for a number of years with no forward movement, mostly related to the likely contamination of the site and lacks of funds to address it. I suspect the park idea, or at least a park look, will take care of itself in another few years if redevelopment of this site remains at an impasse.

Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels has assured residents that the Mirro arch will be included in the redevelopment plan.

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