Thursday, May 21, 2015

Scott Walker sneaks in trips to Illinois, Oklahoma

Blank spaces will fill up quickly!

Scott Walker picks up backing from Todd Ricketts at Wilmette barbecue.  (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/20/2015)
I am told that about 100 folks attended the Ricketts backyard event for Walker — with cheeseburgers off the grill and beer — and that “very significant” money was raised. The Unintimidated PAC can take unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations.

Scott Walker may have to define his energy views at Oklahoma Republican gathering.  (Capital Times, 5/21/2015)

Most likely the talk will be about "all of the above".
While Oklahoma's primary doesn't come early, the conference will draw southern Republican activists and will host the largest regional straw poll of the year. It will also give a new focus to the discussion as candidates (declared and undeclared) scramble to get ahead in advance of the first primary debate, less than three months away: energy.

The previous slide.

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