Saturday, January 28, 2023

The homophobic, transphobic company Janel Brandtjen keeps

Top headline:  WisPolitics, 1/272023
Bottom headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/23/2023

From Janel's fawning press release:
I am grateful for the Stolen Innocence forum put on by Parents on Patrol last night. They did an exceptional job presenting and explaining what is going on in our schools today.

From the Journal Sentinel:
The ticketed event, "Stolen Innocence: A Panel on the Insidious Ideology Infecting Your Children's Education," took place inside the Pewaukee hotel, 2810 Golf Road. Hosted by local organization Parents on Patrol, five panelists explained to the sold-out venue how schools are "sexually grooming" children by teaching them about gender identity and sexual orientation. 
A reporter covering the protest was not allowed access to the event [emphasis added]
"The reality is, they are coming for your child," read the event's description on Eventbrite. "You need to stand in the way." 
The event comes at a time when Muskego-Norway, Germantown, Arrowhead and Waukesha school boards have enacted policies that prohibit staff from referring to students by their preferred name and/or pronouns without express parental permission. Nationally, over 200 anti-trans bills have been introduced this year, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Janel's Library of Looney Tunes:
2020 election denier queen Janel Brandtjen sez she won't shut up or stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.  (12/20)
GOP caucus outcast and election denier Janel Brandtjen running for open State Senate seat.  (12/6)
One-woman election denier Looney Tunes festival doesn't realize she's about to get cancelled.  (12/5)

November 2022
As John Torinus describes it, Wisconsin GOP election denier Kool-Aid Queen Janel Brandtjen went ballistic over three grains of sand in the desert.  (11/23)
Wisconsin GOP election denier Kool-Aid Queen Janel Brandtjen is even too toxic for her own party's caucus.  (11/16)
GOP judge quickly slaps down Wisconsin election denier queen's lawsuit to block military votes.  (11/8)

October 2022

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