Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Redistricting Plan Popeils DeForest, Windsor

Excerpt:      Wisconsin gained more than 320,000 residents in the past 10 years. According to village officials, DeForest has grown from about 7,500 residents to 8,500 since 2000. Over that same time, Windsor grew from 5,392 to 5,942. The average Assembly district population will be 57,444.

Democrats have accused Republicans of manipulating the district lines in the area to protect a potentially vulnerable Republican. Rep. Keith Ripp, who lives in the town of Dane, won the seat by a razor-thin 23 votes in 2008. Though re-elected by a significant margin in 2010, Democrats have targeted Ripp’s seat as one they could reclaim in 2012.

Under the new map, Ripp would now represent the 42nd District, which has only a part of DeForest, along with a large section of rural farmland and smaller communities, traditionally more conservative. The rest of DeForest and Windsor, which have shown a slight Democratic tilt, would be separated into the 79th and 37th districts

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