Thursday, July 21, 2011

McDonald's Muscles Its Way to the Front Door of the Hawthorne Branch Library

For all practical purposes.

Not likely to see this view from East Wash anymore

Grass Roots: Neighbors still not lovin' McDonald's move. (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/20/2011)

Excerpt: The wave of opposition to the relocation of a McDonald's on East Washington Avenue ebbed in the year since neighbors packed a meeting at the Hawthorne Public Library to tell Ald. Larry Palm and owners of the fast food restaurant that they did not want the traffic, trash and congestion it would bring to the East Madison Shopping Center.

Neighborhood hostility to allowing the restaurant to move a couple of blocks west -- to the plaza parking lot practically next door to a Burger King and the neighborhood branch of the public library -- never really dried up, although one resident told me in the meantime that protesting it was a waste of energy because it seemed like a done deal

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