Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Redistricting & the 68.7 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality

Link to July 20 Capital Times article, "Redistricting means Dane County may gain Legislative seats".

Excerpt: Thirty square miles surrounded by reality.

Since the phrase was first muttered 30-plus years ago by one-term Republican Gov. Lee Dreyfus, the geographic footprint of the capital city has more than doubled. As Madison's borders expanded, so did its population and that of Dane County.

In politics, population leads to regional power. The more people there are living in an area, the more representatives those residents are entitled to in the Legislature, which is why news that Dane County's population has increased by 50,000, enough to warrant greater representation in the Capitol, may be a hard pill to swallow for some lawmakers

Well, lookie here!
Source:  Wisconsin Blue Book, 2009-2010

The population increases in Wisconsin's reliably conservative counties outpace Dane County.  How about that?!

Thanks for the full story, Jessica.

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