Sunday, November 27, 2016

UPDATE. WI 1st Assembly District: GOP incumbent Joel Kitchens defeats Dem challenger Lynn Utesch

Kitchens keeps state Assembly seat.  (Green Bay Press-Gazette, 11/8/2016)
In Door County Kitchens defeated Utesch 10,100 to 7,348 or 57.85 percent to 42.09 percent. In Kewaunee with 10 of 14 precincts reporting, Kitchens received 4,403 votes and Utesch received 2,937.

8/22/2016 update, "Lynn Utesch challenges first-term incumbent Joel Kitchens in Wisconsin Assembly 1st District", starts here.

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11/5/2014 update, "We have a winner!" starts here.

1st Assembly District: Kitchens defeats Majeski.  (Green Bay Press-Gazette, 11/5/2014)

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Open seat. Incumbent Garey Bies is not running for re-election.  He's on the ballot for Wisconsin Secretary of State.

Joel Kitchens, Republican candidate

Joe Majeski, Democratic candidate

Results of August 12, 2014, Republican primary election.

Public libraries in the 1st Assembly District:

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