Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watching TV: Are You "Over the Top"?

Link to March 18 Media Daily News article, TV Trends: More Internet TV Viewers Erode Trad Media".

Excerpt: Viewers have tripled their use of watching TV shows via the Internet since 2006 -- and some of this has hurt traditional TV viewing.

Media researcher Knowledge Networks says this trend affects a broad range of viewers: ages 13-54. Viewing of complete TV shows from streaming or downloaded video has climbed to 22% from 8%.

This also has climbed faster for younger 18-34 viewers, rising to 30% from 12% to 30% of 18-to-34 online users.

When it comes to making the sometimes more labor-intensive connection of hooking up TVs to PCs, 7% of 13-to-54 viewers have streamed or downloaded TV shows, and 11% for 18-to-34.

Knowledge calls this "over-the-top" viewing.

Retiring Guy's favorite viewing is definitely not over-the-top.

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