Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Save America's Libraries (Florida's Gulf Beaches Public Library)

Link to March 24 St. Petersburg Times article, "Towns brace for reduction in funding to Gulf Beaches Public Library)

Excerpt:   The Madeira Beach library's budget is financed through two main sources — contributions from the five towns and a PPLC match.

This fiscal year, the towns will contribute $180,000 toward library operations. The PPLC is contributing about $186,000, Cinnella said.

The PPLC contribution to local libraries is based on a complicated formula that considers county, state and federal revenues, the populations served by each local library, and the amount of money each library raises from the municipalities it serves.

Treasure Island currently contributes the most: $77,419. Other town contributions vary according to population: Madeira Beach, $46,114; Redington Beach, $16,273; North Redington Beach, $15,327; and Redington Shores, $24,865.

The balance of the library's $437,683 total budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year is funded through fines and operational revenues, donations, and $58,000 from library reserves.

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