Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gunfire in Library: One Way to Move Up A Retirement Date

Link to March 20 AP story at KTRV-TV website, "Possible gun discharge in library draws attention".  (via Twitter)

Excerpt:    Authorities in Pocatello are trying to find out if a Marshall Public Library official discharged a handgun inside the library.

Pocatello Police Chief J.R. Miller says he believes library Director Mike Doellman accidentally discharged a firearm in the building.

Doellman has a concealed weapons permit. He declined to answer questions from the Idaho State Journal and did not return a call from The Associated Press on Saturday.

Doellman has been on paid leave since Feb. 25, but the library board has declined to say why.

Link to March 25 KIDK report, "Library director retires".

Excerpt:   Police have been investigating Doellman's involvement in the accidental discharge of a firearm within the library.

Doellman does have a concealed weapons permit.

The city attorney's office has said even if Doellman did accidentally fire his weapon, that does not constitute criminal conduct.

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Anonymous said...

The director did violate a law when he discharged a firearm in the public library. The "Laws of Common Sense", which he must be deficient in.