Sunday, September 17, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Far-right GOP whackos imperil everyone's health care in Ottawa County Michigan

Headlinemlive, 9/12/2023

County Chair Joe Moss and Administrator John Gibbs guilty of governmental malpractice
In August, Moss and Gibbs told Hambley that the county’s general fund contribution to the health department would be cut from the requested $6.4 million down to $2.5 million. In a meeting last week, Gibbs announced the general fund contribution would be raised to $4.3 million, but would not be approved at the requested $6.4 million level.   
[Administrative health officer Adeline] Hambley has stated on multiple occasions that these budget cuts would result in the reduction of services to county residents like sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, family planning services and dental services for underinsured children. 
As local healthcare providers, we fully support the Ottawa County Department of Public Health and its actions throughout the pandemic and beyond,” the letter from the medical professionals states. “The quality of the care that we offer to each and every resident of Ottawa County simply cannot continue without a fully functional and robust department of public health.”

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