Saturday, September 23, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Republican National Committee appears to have a low bar to qualify for second GOP presidential debate

Poll results:  Real Clear Politics
HeadlineNBC News, 9/23/2023
Burgum has been on the outside looking into the second debate with less than a week to go to secure enough support in primary polls to qualify. But a flurry of new polling in recent days looks set to secure him a spot on the stage, just days before Monday's deadline to qualify — pending Republican National Committee approval of the polls. 
The RNC remains the final arbiter on who qualifies for their debates, so nothing is confirmed until the party releases its list of qualified participants ahead of Wednesday’s event. But the new polls appear to fit the bill for Burgum, according to NBC News analysis of the RNC's criteria.

Burgum reached 3% on a recent Trafalgar poll

Perhaps you haven't heard of Robert Cahaly and his Trafalgar fantasy polls.

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