Sunday, September 17, 2023

Day 3,017 of mainstream media normalizing of grifter and serial liar Donald Trump

Top headline:  Rutgers Today, 1/19/2023
Bottom headlineWashington Post, 9/16/2023

From Rutgers Today
How did that deregulation foster the spread of disinformation – most recently about COVID-19 and the legitimacy of our election – during the Trump administration?\ 
Over the last several decades, producers of broadcast news became much more interested in serving a wealthy audience who could purchase things, shifting the notion of the audience and the delivered content. Being privately owned and controlled by billionaires also changed the news landscape – pushing back science, more siloed media, less ethics or restrictions and the continued circulation of fake news and conspiracy theories confirmed biases many already had. All of this helped Trump use the media to his own advantage to manipulate conservatives and news makers alike. [emphasis added]

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