Friday, September 22, 2023

Meet Wisconsin election denial queen Janel Brandtjen and her court

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/21/2023
It's unclear whether the impeachment proposal will advance. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos must assign the resolution containing the articles to a committee before the proceeding can begin. A spokeswoman for Vos did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 
The lawmakers, Rep. Janel Brandtjen of Menomonee Falls, Rep. Scott Allen of Waukesha, Rep. Elijah Behnke of Oconto, Rep. Ty Bodden of Hilbert and Rep. Chuck Wichgers of Muskego, argued impeachment is warranted because Wolfe is challenging the Senate's action.


Based on Vos's past actions, I'd suggest that Brandtjen's proposal is going nowhere.

WKOW, 12/28/2022

Janel's trail of election denia Looney Tunes
September 2023

August 2023

June 2023

February 2023
Trump rewards slobbering sycophant and fanatical election denier with endorsement in today's 8th Senate District primary.  (2/20/2023)
Democrats educate voters about off-the-charts whackjob Janel Brandtjen. (2/16/2023)

January 2023
Anti-Trump group campaigns against "inept, unqualified, ineffective" election denier Janel Brandtjen.  (2/13/2023)

December 2022
Spoiler alert:  GOP Dan Feyen drops out of Wisconsin 8th Senate District primary, hoping to keep 'divisive fringe candidate' Janel Brandtjen from winning.  (12/30)War of words between Janel Brandtjen and Robin Vos continues (chapter two).  (12/28)
War of words between Janel Brandtjen and Robin Vos continues.  (12/23/2022)
2020 election denier queen Janel Brandtjen sez she won't shut up or stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.  (12/20)
GOP caucus outcast and election denier Janel Brandtjen running for open State Senate seat.  (12/6)
One-woman election denier Looney Tunes festival doesn't realize she's about to get cancelled.  (12/5)

November 2022
As John Torinus describes it, Wisconsin GOP election denier Kool-Aid Queen Janel Brandtjen went ballistic over three grains of sand in the desert.  (11/23)
Wisconsin GOP election denier Kool-Aid Queen Janel Brandtjen is even too toxic for her own party's caucus.  (11/16)
GOP judge quickly slaps down Wisconsin election denier queen's lawsuit to block military votes.  (11/8)

October 2022

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