Monday, September 18, 2023

Day 3,019 of mainstream media normalizing of grifter and serial liar Donald Trump

NBC broadcasts "Meet the Press".  The article is nothing more than a puff piece.

HeadlineNBC News, 9/17/2023

Here's a much needed antidote.

Public Notice, 9/18/2023
The first thing to understand about Trump is that he’s not a normal politician. He doesn’t give a rip about policy. What he cares about is saying and doing whatever it takes to fulfill his desires and thirst for power, including destroying democracy if necessary. Treating him as anything other than a depraved authoritarian is not only wrongheaded, but helps his cause by legitimizing him as a reasonable choice for voters. And that’s exactly what Welker did.  [emphasis added]

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Day 3,019.  (9/17/2023)

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