Monday, October 26, 2015

Scott Walker pays lip service to local control as he continues to sign bills to limit it

As quoted in Governor Scott Walker Delivers Remarks at Wisconsin Towns Association Annual Convention.  (Press release, 10/26/2015)

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Arcturus said...

Wait until the GAB gets gutted. If it happens before next year, in which there will be 4 elections administered by Township government, there will be huge problems. Ask any town official, especially a clerk: they love what the GAB does. I was at the WTA convention in the Dells this week and they sprung Walker on us, who gave a standard, banal stump speech full of the usual bullshit. I didn't hear ONE local officer say they thought he was good for Towns... Now we are getting advice such as "if your roads don't have 100 cars a day let them go back to gravel." This is actual, real disintegration of a once great state.