Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Biggest Library Story of the Day, Continued

Troy residents await fate of public library. (Detroit News, 8/2/2011)

ExcerptMore than an hour after the polls have closed, election officials say votes are still being tabulated in the city's third attempt at a tax hike to save its public library.

If the measure fails, city officials warn the building will close on Friday.

Community groups are at odds over the five-year, 0.7-mill tax that would cost the owner of a $200,000 home $70 a year.

The resident group TRUST, Troy Residents Unified for a Strong Troy, formed the ballot committee SAVE Troy to advocate for the library after a separate millage failed in November.

Co-founder Sue Martin, who formerly worked at the library, met her husband there and even got engaged inside the building, says the library can't stay open without dedicated, sustainable revenue.

But Deborah DeBacker, a committee member of the anti-tax group Troy Citizens United, says while the group wants to preserve the library, too, they've crunched the numbers and believe it can be saved without the millage.

The contentious issue led a separate organization to threaten to hold a book-burning party on the library's closure date if the item fails.

The group, Safeguard American Families (SAFE), registered in June as a ballot committee in favor of the millage. In July, the group apparently began circulating signs promoting the book-burning effort in city neighborhoods.

The millage, if passed, would generate $3.1 million for library services. The Troy City Council cut funding for the library and its nature museum in May 2010 to battle a $2.2 million budget deficit

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