Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jamie Swenson @ the Hedberg Public Library: Kids Who Read....Succeed

Kids who read ... succeed. (Janesville Gazette, 8/1/2011)

Excerpt: The kids who simply knew a lot of stuff (and were better able to make educated guesses when they weren’t sure) were usually the kids with lots of books in their hands and parents in tow. I hate to point out the obvious - but all that reading and encouragement really, really does make a difference in what a kid can tell you and in how a kid reasons things out - And this has no connection to the level of family income. It’s simply this: involved and active parents encouraging their children to learn and read all summer long, end up with some smart-cookie children. Smart parents know that the library is FREE (and air conditioned) and they take advantage of this amazing resource. They also make certain that they walk out of the library with some books - not just a mountain of DVDs.

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