Monday, August 1, 2011

The Green Bay Press-Gazette Takes a Closer Look at the 2010 Census Data

Census shows shifting Brown County population. (Green Bay Press-Gazette, 7/31/2011)

If you recall from our previous installment.

Excerpt: Brown County overall gained in the number of family households — that is, households in which two or more people are related by blood, marriage or adoption. However, Allouez lost about 7 percent of family households since 2000, and Ashwaubenon lost nearly 3 percent. Morrison and the city of Green Bay each lost a fraction of a percent, but all other communities in the county gained in family households.

The number of traditional family households — a married couple with children at home — dropped 5 percent in Brown County and to varying degrees in 11 of the county's communities

As for the following Wisconsin State Journal headline, the Press-Gazette is still averting its eyes.

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