Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oakland Press Editorial: "Those promoting this 'book burning' should be ashamed"

Editorial: There’s no excuse for book burnings. (Oakland Press, 7/13/2011)

Excerpt Among the group’s few tweets was one issued just before the Fourth of July. It read: “When you’re lighting those fireworks, think how much more fun it will be to light all those books!...”

We’re not sure if those behind this really intend to burn books or if this is some sick joke. If they’re being sarcastic or trying for a bit of levity, they’re failing horribly. There’s nothing funny about burning books. If they are serious, then there’s even more to be concerned about in Troy.

The city has been a mecca for upscale families but like all municipalities in Oakland County, it is facing tight budgets and some tough decisions.

Unfortunately, the public library has been taught in the middle of a politically charged debate over how to balance the budget

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