Tuesday, May 17, 2011

August 2nd a "This Is It" Moment for the Troy Public Library

Troy voters to get chance to save library at polls. (Detroit News, 5/17/2011)

Excerpt: Voters will get one last chance to save the public library when they go to the polls this summer for a special election.

City Council voted 6-1 Monday night to add a five-year dedicated library millage request to the August 2 ballot for 0.7 mills to raise $3.1 million in the first year.

But almost $54,000 of the anticipated revenue is earmarked for local development financing and the downtown development and brownfield authorities, Mayor Louise Schilling said.

"We're trying to be very clear, so they won't come back to us and say 'you didn't tell us,'" Schilling said.

Owners of a $200,000 home would pay about $70 a year for the library.

Voters twice rejected millage requests in 2010 in February and November.

"If the millage doesn't pass in August, the library will close. This is it," Schilling said.

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