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A Chicago Bibliography of Newspaper Articles (1989)

Convenience lures downtown workers to the South Loop.  (Chicago Sun-Times, 3/10/1989)

Classic revival finds room on Michigan Avenue.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/19/1989)

Bridgeport.  A hardscrabble neighborhood wears many new faces.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/10/1989)

Store Wars.  From Bucktown to the Magnificent Mile, malls are busting out all over.  (Chicago Tribune Magazine, 4/16/1989)

New at Dearborn Park:  Condos that look old.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/18/1989)

Holdups jar changing neighborhood.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/31/1989)

Retreat from Chicago.  Words of hope from those who remain.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/20/1989)

Murder cuts to the heart of Austin community.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/3/1989)

Time just runs out for a 1890s skyscraper.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/4/1989)

Ethnic isolation in Chicago increasing racism, study says.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/28/1989)

Wicker Park's constant factor:  change.  (Chicago Tribune, 10/1/1989)

South Side shopping to be a Grand experience.  (Chicago Tribune, 10/22/1989)

In Chicago, A New Romanticism.  (The New York Times, 10/29/1989)

When blight draws a fight.  Albany Park firms feel building's bite, bite  back.  (Chicago Tribune, 11/27/1989)

Bravo! Brevo!  The Auditorium Theater takes a bow for a hundred years of multi-faceted service to the city.  (Chicago Tribune, 12/3/1989)

Mart mall too close for State Street.  (Chicago Tribune, 12/4/1989)

20 years ago, a class was torn apart.  (Chicago Tribune, 12/8/1989)

Construction current.  Developers banking on the Chicago River.  (12/17/1989)

As Inner-City Areas Decay, Blacks Flee to Small Towns.  (The New York Times, 12/24/1989) 

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