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American Millstone (Chicago Tribune, 1985)

Lost Society Infects Cities.   Permanent Underclass May Be Developing.  (9/15/1985)
  • Great setbacks occurred in progress on rights
  • Old industrial jobs in cities disappear
  • 5 million dependent on aid from the state

Roots of underclass found in racism, failed policies.  (9/16/1985)
  • Female-headed families big factor
  • Today's bias rooted in slavery
  • Urban decline -- racial succession
  • Neo-conservative black perspective

Everyone pays the price for crime in ghetto.  (9/17/1985)
  • Even 'safe' suburbs don't escape crime
  • Criminal behavior is reinforced

High school has crime as teacher.  (9/17/1985)

Youth came to society's attention once -- in big way.  (9/17/1985)

For poverty, not even money has been a cure.  (9/18/1985)
  • Special aid plans deal with underclass
  • No success could match expectations
  • Aid to tobacco, dairy farmers unquestioned
  • Family breakdown a huge problem
  • Mood is for more local solutions

Lost jobs leave legacy of despair.  (9/19/1985)
  • Where some may never know work
  • Migrants still come, but jobs dissolve
  • Pay, pride undercut status of steady job
  • Career hopes vanish -- why go to school?
  • Incentives fail to lure investment

Schools outclasses in fight with failure.  (9/30/1985)
  • Middle class cares little about schools
  • Inner-city pupils called hard to teach
  • Task force urges preschool programs

Inner-city teaching usually a textbook case of frustration.  (6/16/1985)

Fortress of poverty marks grave of a dream.  (10/1/1985)
  • 'Rent's going up, buildings do down'
  • 'It's like a prison' for a mother of five
  • Whites rejected black neighbors

The road to hell.  For Cabrini-Green, it was paved with good intentions.  (Chicago Tribune Magazine, 3/31/1985)

The family is No. 1 casualty of welfare warfare.  (10/2/1985)
  • AFDC payments fail to keep pace
  • Blacks also seeking place in the Sunbelt
  • Welfare cheating:  myth vs. reality

One family's ordeal -- 28 years of poverty in urban America.  (10/6/1985)

Cycle of poverty, despair born again in delivery room.  (10/7/1985)

North Lawndale blues -- day with the down and out.  (10/8/1985)

Fighting a losing battle to help hopeless.  (10/16/1985)

Sean:  A West Side child.

Futures of 3 men junked in vacant lot.  (10/17/1985)

Another infant without a fighting chance.  (10/18/1985)

School under siege of poverty.  (10/27/1985)

Spinning their wheels at the corner of nowhere.  (10/30/1985)

Parole puts crime back on streets.  (11/11/1985)

Addicts slip out back door of reality.  (11/13/1985)

Lawndale's lots eerily empty, haunted by economy that died.  (11/17/1985)

North Lawndale can't afford a dream.  (11/18/1985)

Community's housing in a state of collapse.  (11/19/1985)

In a nation of riches, a permanent underclass.  (12/1/1985)

Too proud to trade welfare for minimum wage.  (12/1/1985)

Escape is a struggle but some will pay the price.  (12/1/1985)

Churches offer hope, but only for the hopeful.  (12/1/1985)

A system unwilling or unable to respond.  (12/1/1985)

Checks bring basics and a dead-end emptiness.  (12/1/1985)

Courage and brains can grind a millstone into dust.  (12/6/1985)

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