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A Chicago Bibliography of Newspaper Articles (1985-1988)

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Chicago's Loop Is Coming Back Alive, Even If It Hasn't Gone Full Circle Yet.  (The New York Times, 2/1/1983)

Chicago's Mayoral Primary Marked By Candidates as Diverse as the City. (The New York Times, 2/22/1983)

Moviehouse migration.  (Chicago Tribune, 10/28/1984)
  • How city's movie
  • Movies can be a real bargain -- but not for 'little guys' running the shows.

A city in need of a vision.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/1/1985)

Electric railroads blazed new frontier in real estate.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/2/1985)

A building dies, wrecked by decay of an urban dream.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/16/1985)

Futuristic State Office Building Dazzle Chicago.  (The New York Times, 7/22/1985)

Rush Street trying to survive its popularity.  (Chicago Tribune, 10/3/1985)

Addicts' haunt seized:  neighbors back agents.  (Chicago Tribune, 12/10/1985)

Turf battle looms downtown.  Public housing blocking expansion, report says.  (Chicago Tribune, 1/27/1986)

Prosperity takes the Chicago bypass.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/18/1986)

How to undo housing mistakes.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/20/1986)

High-rises can be made livable.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/20/1986)

New Housing Draws Rich to Downtown Chicago.  (The New York Times, 3/3/1986)

Hopes for Lawndale renaissance pinned to sale of tract.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/10/1986)

A Tale of Two Cities.  Chicago's Busy Center Masks a Loss of Jobs In Its Outlying Areas.  Industry and Small Business Flee From City to Avoid Its High Costs and Crime.  Anxious and Angry Workers.  (The Wall Street Journal, 4/16/1986)

Chicago.  Walk-to-Work Conveniences and Moderate Prices Draw Middle Class to Complex South of the Loop.  (The New York Times Dearborn Park complex.

Neighborhoods change but fear, elderly stay put.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/13/1986)

River City's momentum keeps building.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/14/1986)

Lives built on steel rust with idleness.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/14/1986)

Homes?  There goes the neighborhood.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/23/1986)

Study See Chicago as a Divided City.  (The New York Times, 10/5/1986)

Presidential Pretenses.  (Inland Architecture, November/December 1986)  Presidential Towers

A space revolution.  The massive interior returns by popular demand.  (Chicago Tribune

Chicago's New Fashion Image.  (The New York Times, 12/17/1986)

Row House Revival.  The New Middle Class Recreates a Demand for the Urban Row House.  (Inaldn Architect, January/February 1987)

Scrappy South Shore's revival.  $125 million in reinvestment capital lays groundwork for rebirth.  (Chicago Sun-Times, 1/2/1987)

A Look at Glessner House in Chicago.  (Chicago Tribune)

South Michigan Ave.:  Magnificently distinct.  (Chicago Tribune)

Light at the top.  Illuminated towers are on the city's horizon.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/22/1987)

Sears jolts North Lawndale.  Shutdown to cost poor neighborhood 1,800 jobs.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/3/1987)

Urban Class Problem Stirs Debate in Chicago.  (The New York Times, 3/24/1987)

Downtown retailers vie to be different.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/31/1987)

Downtown office boom takes timeout.  (Chicago Tribune, 1/18/1988)

Plan to Insure Home Value Brings Chicago Racial Rift.  (The New York Times, 2/8/1988)

The Loop's Expanding Westward.  (The New York Times, 2/14/1988)

N. Pier project adds apartment high-rise.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/22/1988)

N. Lawndale project may be doomed.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/28/1988)

Hot air won't fill void in Lawndale by R. C Longworth.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/2/1988)

2 large retail projects herald the revival of the South Side.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/6/1988)

Retailers discover N. Clybourn.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/3/1988)

Way We Were.  A look at Chicago's past.  The showcase of a grand experiment.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/3/1988).  The Hotel Florence.

City reveals huge housing program.  (Chicago Tribune)

Slow but sure, Near South Side rises again.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/10/1988)

South Side lakeshore ready to catch its wave.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/17/1988)

Developers take on Uptown -- a block at a time.  (Chicago Tribune, 5/1/1988)

The spirit of the neighborhood.  Churches continue to mold today's fluid communities.  (Chicago Tribune, 5/22/1988)

City adjusts to another industrial revolution.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/5/1988)

Magnificent Mile moving up.  A retail giant and tiny hops spice up the mix.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/12/1998)

Small Inner-City Hospitals in U.S. Face Threat of Financial Failure.  (The New York Times, 8/21/1988)

Chicago area's 'power centers' cash in big.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/25/1988)

Chicago Faces a Glut of High-Priced Hotels.  (The New York Times, 10/3/1988)

Chicago's lakefront may have new rival.  Making more of Chicago River's view.  (Chicago Tribune, 10/9/1998)

Purchase of rail yard gives Chinatown room to grow.  (Chicago Tribune, 12/15/1988)

A Plan to Revive Retailing in the Loop.  Field's Putting $110 Million Into Chicago Store.  (The New York Times, 12/18/1998)

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