Thursday, August 15, 2013

A New York City (Primarily Manhattan) Bibliography

Why hold onto yellowed clippings from the New York Times when I can access most of the articles online via Google?

What follows is casually composed, not according to Hoyle, as they say.

"Fear of Crime Is Now Woven Into Fabric of New York Life."  (January 31, 1982)

"'Sliver' Apartment Houses (and Tempers) Going Up in City".  (February 8, 1982)

"New York Addicts from Out of Town".  (November 26, 1982)

"About New York:  On Matinee Day, All of Midtown's a Stage".  (December 2, 1982)

"Luxury Is Alive and Well".  (December 17, 1982)

"Welfare Children Growing Up in Times Sq. 'Hell'".  (June 25, 1984)

"Youngsters Annoy Travelers at Manhattan Depots".

"City's Prices are Hard on Youth".  (August 29, 1985)

"Explosive Growth is Just Around the Corner for the Upper West Side".

"Woody Allen's Selective Vision of New York".  (March 7, 1986)

"The Hidden Charms of the Far West Village".  (April 18, 1986)

"52d St. Loses Clubs for Skyscrapers".  (April 23, 1986)

"Towers Portend Future of Midtown".

"'New' Madison Ave. is a European Street of Glittering Shops".

"A Quiet Place in the Sky Drifts Onto a Page of New York's Past".  (June 18, 1986)

"Battery Park City is a Triumph of Urban Design".  (August 31, 1986)

"Local Supermarket:  A Declining Breed?"  (September 6, 1986)

"What are Dakota and Montana Doing in New York?:  How Styles Shift in the Naming of Apartment Houses"  (September 28, 1986)

"New York Night Life and Cocaine:  Still Entwined".  (October 11, 1986)

"New Apartment Houses Evoke New York's Past".  (October 13, 1986)

"To Expert Eyes, City Streets Are Open Mental Wards".  (November 4, 1986)

"Homeless in New York City:  a Day on the Streets".  (November 17, 1986)  

"Welfare Hotel:  Where the Displaced Live Grim Lives Amid Faded Glory".  (November 18, 1986)

"Families In New York Welfare Hotels Find Existence a Daily Battle of Wits".

"Big Battery Park City Dreams".  (December 1, 1986)

"Harlem and the Speculators:  Big Profits but Little Reward".  (December 19, 1986)

"New York Problem:  Streets as Urinals".  (December 29, 1986)

"Times Square Renewal:  Trying to Retain 80 Years of Warm Memories".  (February 5, 1987)

"Garment Industry In a New Squeeze".  (September 26, 1987)

"Downscaling the Avenues on the Upper East Side".  (December 3, 1987)

"Preserving Upper West Side History".  (December 27, 1987)

"Tenements of 1880's Adapt to 1980's".  (January 3, 1988)

"Is the Upper East Side Moving North?"  (January 31, 1988)

"Japanese Interest; In Harlem, Megaprojects Create Hope - And Fear".  (April 17, 1988)

"The Promise of Harlem Draws the Middle Class".  (April 25, 1988)

"Battery Park City: A New Phase Begins".  (June 19, 1988)

"Grim Seeds of Park Rampage Found in East Harlem Streets".  (May 2, 1989)

"As Tompkins Square Park Declines, Neighborhoods' Attitude Is Shifting".  (December 7, 1989)

"Raw and Bawdy, 42d St. Awaits a Big Change".  (December 11, 1989)

"Exclamation Point for Battery City Park".  (March 11, 1990)

"Angry Invective Blots Out Sun Over Genteel Gramercy Park".  (February 2, 1991)

Life in the Towers:  Home in a Hard Place

"New Districts Revive Debate:  Where and What Is Harlem?"  (May 8, 1991)

"More Singles Jilt the City for the Suburbs".  (May 9, 1991)

"The Graying of a Co-op: Looking Within for Help".  (May 19, 1991)

"For the Boat People of Manhattan, Low Rent and River Views".  (October 5, 1991)

"A Shantytown Society Grows In the Shadow of Skyscrapers".  (October 20, 1991)

"Squatters in City Buildings Face Eviction by the Landlord".  (October 20, 1991

"Keeping the Moat, but Putting Out the Welcome Mat".   (November 15, 1992)

"Downtown's Empty Feeling".  (May 9, 1993)

"Developer Plans New York Tower To Set a Record".

"The Suburban Ideal Still Exists in New York City".  (Sutton Place, Staten Island)

"Symbolic Scale of Proposed Towers Could Overwhelm a Wide-Open Site".

"Trading Air to Build Towers".

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