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Suburban Chicago: A Selected Bibliography, 1985-1994

Naperville aims to muffle growth explosion.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/20/1985)

Harvey left reeling as 3 firms bail out.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/9/1985)

Odds better than fair for Warrenville growth.  (Chicago Tribune, 1/21/1986)

Bad image masks Cicero's comeback.  (Chicago Tribune, 2/23/1986)

Town ends silence on touchy issues.  (The New York Times, 3/10/1986)  Cicero.

Growth cheered, vilified in Lake Village Township.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/16/1986)

Neighbors come to boil as suburb labors for birth.  (Chicago Tribune,  7/7/1986)

Forest View an enclave of industrial riches.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/27/1986)

The Barringtons.  Five communities place premium on posh living.  (Chicago Sun-Times, 2/27/1987)

Horsey set helped shape area's history.  (Chicago Sun-Times, 2/27/1987)

Gold rush spreads to 2d suburb.  Oakbrook Terrace homeowners may sell to developer.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/3/1987)

The little town beyond the land beyond O'Hare.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/30/1987)  Virgil.

Ford Heights tries to keep faith.  (Chicago Tribune, 1/17/1988)

Tinley Park greets flood of changes. (Chicago Tribune, 7/3/1988)

Out with the middle-income homes.  And in with high-priced development.  (Chicago Tribune,  9/12/1988)

A new view.  Schaumburg works as a city or suburb.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/5/1989)

As Naperville grows, so do its problems.  (Chicago Tribune, 3/19/1989)

Fox River rambling toward an urban future.  (Chicago Tribune, 5/7/1989)

Hoffman Estates heading into traffic jam.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/2/1989)

Commercial developers discover south suburbs. (Chicago Tribune, 7/19/1989)

Hoffman Estates Journal.  New Home in Suburbs Seems Tailored to Sears.  (The New York Times, 7/19/1989)

The power to grow.  Is the driving force behind Gurnee location or pyramid?  (Chicago Tribune, 7/29/1989)

Stressed out in suburbia, by Nicholas Lemann.   (The Atlantic, November 1989(

Choking on growth  (Note:  5 long-form articles.  Most newspapers can't be bothered with this type of reporting anymore.)

Blacks find Du Page success has a high price.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/22/1990)

Busy expressways can be noisy neighbors, residents complain.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/22/1990)

RTA looking to future with rail cars for 1.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/24/1990)

Oak Brook loses some luster as a corporate home.  (Chicago Tribune, 4/29/1990)

Two-way street to success. Homes lure developers west of Randall Road.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/16/1990)

Lot of space, few buyers in suburban office market.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/18/1990)

North suburbs pulling away in personal income.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/2/1992)

Lake County's popularity exacts price in crowded roads, schools.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/29/1992)

Beauty of suburban growth is in eye of beholder.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/30/1992)

Inner, middle suburbs still alive.  Arlington Heights' growth part of surprising trend.  (Chicago Tribune, 9/91990)

In open space battle, residents can be casualties.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/1/1992)

Lake County must choose between 2 futures.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/2/1992)

The newest frontier is as close as Schaumburg.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/7/1992)

Chicago Suburb Finds Truth in Arson Rumors.  (The New York Times, 7/14/1992).  Chicago Heights.

New Sears site a far, better place.  But loction poses dilemma for staff:  Commute or quit.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/3/1992)

Sears sure to reshape landscape of suburbs.  (Chicago Tribune, 8/4/1992)

'We're all racist now', by H. G. Bissinger.  (The New York Times Magazine, 5/29/1994).  Proviso West High School.

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