Friday, November 26, 2021

Actually, it appears that 58% of Iowans, many of them nice, are slowly being poisoned to death


Between 2002 and 2017, unsafe levels of nitrate, coliform bacteria and fecal coliform bacteria were found in thousands of wells across Iowa. Farms are among the main source of the contamination, especially in rural areas of the state. 
Almost three-fourths of private wells polluted by these contaminants were in rural counties. Nitrate from fertilizer and animal manure and bacteria from manure applied to farm fields seep through soil or run off poorly protected fields to contaminate drinking water. 
Contamination of Iowa’s private wells poses serious health hazards, including elevated cancer risk and birth defects. Yet no state or federal agency requires testing or regulation of private wells. The state requires testing only once, for newly dug or repaired wells.

Fifty-eight percent of Iowans say that in their experience, Iowans are generally nicer than people from other states, the new poll finds. Another 36% say there’s generally no difference, and just 4% say Iowans tend to be ruder than people from other states.

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