Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Carol Amacher (1934-2017) Warren High School class of 1951

1951 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Amacher Ruth M (wid Harold H) sten Thos Coupling Div h37 Meadow ln
1983 Warren City Directory (no llistings)

The popularity of 'Carol' as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's look at 'Madeleine'.

'Madeleine' experienced a journey of peaks and valleys during the 1st half of the 20th century, then stumbled out of sight by 1960.  She reappeared in 1986 and within a few years looked as though she was really going places, but after peaking at #219 in 1998, she's now back in peaks-and-valleys mode.

Other members of the WHS class of 1951:
John Wood.  (5/28/2017)
Catherine Collins Sheldon.  (4/22/2017)
Ronald McCain.  (4/13/2017)
Elaine Crecraft McDunn.  (3/1/2017)
Albert Kondak.  (2/28/2017)
Richard Cook.  (2/16/2017)
Marilyn Pasquino Nyberg.  (1/19/2017)
Mark Bevevino.  (8/26/2016)
Diedra Peterson Andersen.  (6/8/2016)
Marilyn Lyke Bonace.  (6/6/2016)
John Tingwell.  (6/5/2016)
Donald Quiggle.  (12/19/2015)
Genevieve Larson McKown.  (12/16/2015)
Franklin Reiff.  (7/14/2015)
Mary Ann Font Schafer.  (6/29/2015)

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