Friday, July 27, 2012

Carol Stream Library Director Has No Doubts Her Firing was Personal

Carol Stream library director: 'No doubt this was personal'. (The Daily Herald, 7/27/2012)

Excerpt: In 2009, Wade ran on a slate with DeRango and Jeffrey in opposition to what they said were high library taxes and improper spending by Kennedy. Wade got elected that year, and DeRango and Jeffrey two years later.

“Once Mike Wade got on the board and when Jeffrey and DeRango got on the board, I knew this board would have different dynamics and there would be challenges ahead,” Kennedy said. “Sometimes I would say the sky was blue and they'd argue with me.”

Still, Kennedy said board President Rob Douglas served as a unifying force among the differing views until he stepped down this year to become a DuPage County circuit court judge.

I knew my job was in jeopardy when Rob left,” Kennedy said. “I saw the writing on the wall when he stepped down.

Board President Mike Wade praised at Conservatively Speaking blog.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad to see anyone lose their job especially in these very difficult times. I do hope and pray for this person, that she does not lose her home. Many people who lose a job cannot make ends meet especially seniors. The property taxes can be as much as a mortgage payment. I have seen many people move out of DuPage due to these conditions. Illinois is what is called an "at will" state. People are fired every day for all sorts of reasons. There are so many other people that are losing their homes and suffering that I would ask people to consider. I don’t mean to be insensitive but 98% of the people I know who have been fired were not making 100K a year with great benefits and getting this type of sympathy or attention. What about our other neighbors who are suffering? Thank you.