Sunday, January 29, 2012

BOOKLESS @ the Madison Public Library: Art, Music, Activities, Food & Beverages

A most extraordinary evening!

And, from the impressive number of people who attended, a most successful one.

JoAnna and I arrived shortly before 8:00, after some difficulty finding a parking place.  (The Blue Man Group was a big draw at the Overture Center.)  We were three cars from the entrance of the Overture ramp when the FULL sign lit up.  Then we drove to the Dane County ramp where the space we chose was governed by a defective meter, which we didn't detect until we fed a few quarters into it. 

We're not movin', I said to myself.

I scribbled a note on a page ripped out of a pocket notebook -- yeah, I still carry one around wherever I go -- and stuffed it halfway into the coin slot.

At the time we arrived, the ticket line stretched to just inside the outside lobby doors.

Not that much later.......

What follows is a click-by-click pictorial review.

And if anyone has a list of "Bookless" artists AND their works yesterday,  I'd love to share it.

On the first floor...

Time for a beverage.

To the batcave, Robin, where pulsating music provided by a DJ and a light show projected onto a wall set the tone.

By this time, images from a December 30th visit to the Conciergerie in Paris competed for my attention.

2nd floor. More art, and live music on the Project Lodge stage.

See "BOOKLESS: A Library Transformed" at The Library as Incubator Project.  


Cindy Fesemyer said...

Thanks for all the amazing images Paul!!

Tana Elias said...

Please consider adding your shots to our BOOKLESS MPL Flickr pool, Paul, they're great!