Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quite the Quick Turnaround Time @ the Carol Stream Public Library

Carol Stream library considering firms for director search. (Daily Herald, 8/2/2012)

In our previous installment, Board President Mike Wade said the board is going to rely on the staff to do much of the preliminary work, such as looking at resumes and qualifications.

He also said that the library may use of a professional search firm and that the next steps would be discussed at the August 15th board meeting.

All of the above was reported in the July 27th Daily Herald.

Now, according to today's Daily Herald ("Carol Stream considering firms for director search"), Wade has already consulted with two search firms and has their proposals in hand.

As reported by Christopher Placek, Board President Mike Wade already has talked with officials from the two firms, who submitted written proposals to him.

Let's see now, the Board fired Ann Kennedy -- for a second time (didn't get it right the first time) -- on Wednesday, July 25th.  And yesterday, August 1, the Board decided to table a decision on which of two search firms to hire.  That's quite the quick turnaround time.

Which, for me, brings up a slew of questions.

When did these talks take place?  More importantly, when did Wade first contact the search firms?

Was there a written request for proposal?

Did the library board authorize Wade to take this step?  If so, when?  There's no evidence of this on any recent agendas.

Sidebar:  For Tate's take on "checks and balances", read section III of the minutes of the July 10, 2012, special meeting of the Board.

Anyway, here are screenshots of the two contenders.

Curious that Wade, who ran for the board in 2009 because he was opposed to "high library taxes and improper spending by Kennedy", seems so eager to spend up to $18,000 to hire a professional search firm.

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