Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do-Over: Carol Stream Library Board Votes Again to Fire Director Officially, Legally

Carol Stream fires library director in 4-2 vote. (The Daily Herald, 7/26/2012)

I suspect Ann Kennedy could have told him this had he asked.  Talk about "failure to communicate"! Board President Mike Wade called a revote after learning the board's original 3-1 vote that he was short a vote to fire Kennedy.

The action took place with the room packed with supporters of Ann Kennedy.

Interim Director and Head of Youth Services Mary Clemens makes her feelings clear.

Certainly doesn't sound like a vote of confidence for the library board's action.  What will Mike say?

One of the article comments notes that [a] grass roots organization is already at work to unseat the Board members who show open contempt for the library and who have already done such damage to the reputation and the daily operations of the library.

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