Sunday, August 29, 2010

And in Oklahoma school library news.....

Link to August 25 Oklahoma City Oklahoman article, "Douglass Mid-High School librarian fired at hearing".

An assistant media specialist at Douglass Mid-High School was fired Tuesday night for poor job performance, insubordination and excessive absences after the 17-year district employee contested her dismissal in a formal hearing

Douglass Mid-High School librarian fired at hearing Douglass Principal Brian Staples testified that Stephanie Carter was an ineffective employee who contributed to a pattern of the library not being used by students.

"It was probably the most dysfunctional library that I, in all my experience, have come across," testified Staples, who came to the school in 2008. "We had a brand new library with books sitting on the shelves and no students came into the library

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