Monday, August 30, 2010

Mooresville, North Carolina: Self-Professed "Best-Paid Junk Man in Town" Takes Lead in Preserving Community's History

Link to August 29 Charlotte Observer article, "Mooresville digs history out of the attic for preservation".

Excerpt:   When buildings are demolished or remodeled, valuable memorabilia can be lost. Thanks to the foresight of the library and the town, Mooresville artifacts will be preserved.

Andy Poore - who calls himself the "best-paid junk man in town" - is curator of Special Collections at the library. Before that department was created, no organized entity existed to conserve local history. Documents were stored in filing cabinets and the back rooms of businesses.

People wanted to "bring history out of grandma's attic" and maintain it properly. With the creation of the Mooresville Museum, a volunteer organization, the resources for preservation have doubled

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