Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jessamine County Update: Library Books Now Threat to Public Safety

Link to November 17 WKYT news story, "Library book causes Controvery". (via LISNews)

Excerpt: Library policy clearly states that responsibility for a child's reading must rest with the parent or guardian, not with the library. But the two workers who were fired point out that any child 11 or older can check out a book without parental consent.

Director Critchfield can not talk about the firings, but he did say he was surprised Tuesday to receive a petition saying The Black Dossier and 3 other books represent a threat to public safety.

The petition reads in part, "This community is known to have sexual predators, and works such as these encourage those predators to act out their desires or at the very least justify their desires."

Stay tuned for more. There's an open meeting at the Jessamine County Public Library at 3:30 this afternoon (11/18).

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