Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Author Writes Groaningly Bad Kid's Book to Bash Liberals

Link to November 18 The Raw Story post, "New kid’s book hits Pelosi as radical, uses Yiddish term to depict Jewish senator".

Excerpt: A new soon-to-be-released book by conservative author Katharine DeBrecht combats what she perceives as a left-wing agenda being forced on children by American media and culture.

The novel, titled Help! Mom! Radical Are Ruining My Country! paints House Speaker Nancy Pelosidubbed “Speaker Queenosie” – as a elitist, tiara-wearing radical who is out of touch with regular Americans. An excerpt reads:

Tell me about it, Darrrling, Speaker Queenosie primed her professionally styled hair. Little common people are entitled to a swingset just like the rest of you commoners, she jiggled a pair of jet keys through her perfectly manicured fingers.

OK, what is it, a kid's book or a novel?

And what is the target age group? There's way too much text, and unfamiliar vocabulary, for it to be a picture book. And it doesn't seem to fit the chapter book format. I think DeBrecht would have been best served with a graphic novel format.

See for yourself. The author's webpage provide sample pages. The text and illustrations strike me as a ham-handed effort to strike a jaunty, irreverent Mad-like tone.

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