Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oshkosh Common Council Restores Funds to Library's Materials Budget

Link to November 18 Oshkosh Northwestern article, "Councilors support more funding in budget for library".

Excerpt: A majority of the Oshkosh Common Council showed support for restoring some funds for the Oshkosh Public Library and making creation of a municipal sustainability plan a priority in 2010.

Councilor Tony Palmeri sought and received council support for restoring about $34,000, equivalent to one cent on the city's tax rate, to the library's materials budget. In the proposed budget, the library's $365,000 budget for the acquisition of new books, movies, music and other products was cut 22 percent to $300,000.

"I think it has been documented that the library has really taken quite a few hits in the last several years," Palmeri said. "Other departments would also like additional funding, but I think this is a case of trying to minimally restore what the library has been hit with over the years. The library has taken a disproportionate share in trying to get us to a balanced budget."

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