Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cadillac-Wexford (MI) Public Library Completes Series of Renovations

The Library with Lake Cadillac in the distance

Link to November 14 post.

Goodbye to 4 months of porta-potty use..

Excerpt: Forty years ago, when the library moved from the old Carnegie building to the new facility on Lake Street, then director Donald Best hoped for 100 patrons a day.

Today, 600 people a day is considered slow.

"That’s why we needed to redo the bathrooms," [co-director Cathy] Tacoma continued. "They were the biggest thing people complained about. And they smelled."

Other improvements in the latest project include: a new, small meeting room; an enlarged main meeting room with new chairs that seat 60 people for events; the conversion of the garage into a new staff meeting room; and a new, 24-hour book return with a covered canopy and heated sidewalk.

"When this project concludes, we will have re-done every square inch of the building except for the director’s office," said Kirch. "Our building used to be 16,000 square feet and now we have 20,000 square feet of usable space."

Link to Carnegie Libraries in Michigan.

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