Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Castro Valley (CA): Another New East Bay Library

Rendering of new Castro Valley Library

Link to November 17 Albany (CA) Public Library blogpost, "East Bay welcomes 2 new libraries". (via Lazyfeed)

During the past few weeks, new, beautiful state-of-the-art libraries opened in Castro Valley and Lafayette. Both were funded through a California State grant competitive process that included a sizable local match as well as community fundraising. Albany staff helped out at opening day for the Castro Valley Library. The day started with the Great Book Pass – 1800 residents lined up and passed books from the old library to the new. Everyone got a t-shirt (recycled cotton) with the slogan: ” 20 years to go 7/10ths of a mile.” Special features include the high LEED rating for the pro-environmental aspects of the building and the amazing art work commissioned by the Alameda County Art Commission.

Castro Valley Library photostream on Flickr.

Link to November 1 article, "The new Castro Valley Library is a great resource for homeschooling families".

Excerpt: The Library itself is a beautiful representation of the dedication that the Castro Valley Community has to education and life long learning. Its open and well lit reading area are inviting to adults and children. There is a separated teen room with glass walls perfect for parents to keep an eye on them yet private enough to give the feeling of their own sacred space. Computers are available in the children's section with Jumpstart, an educational game, ready to be played. The childrens section also included a good variety of educational books. Parents will be able to browse a selection of home education books such as Carschooling by Diane Keith.

Throughout the library displays of art work adorned the walls and filled display cabinets. The café and book store are available for you to shop and enjoy a snack.

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