Friday, November 20, 2009

Merriam-Webster Announces "Word of the Year".

Link to news release at Merriam Webster website. (via The Resource Shelf)

The word and the 9 runners-up:
1. admonish
2. emaciated
3. empathy
4. furlough
5. inaugurate
6. nugatory
7. pandemic
8. philanderer
9. repose
10. rogue

I worked as an Associate Editor/Editorial Librarian for Merriam-Webster in Springfield, Massachusetts, from March 1976 to August 1978. One of my duties was reading proofs of new editions of M-W's family of dictionaries. In other words, I got paid for reading the dictionary. You can't imagine how happy I was when I was offered the Head of Extension Services position at the Oshkosh Public Library in August 1978. Some of my M-W colleagues from that era are still there: Frederick Mish, Jim Lowe, Kathleen Doherty, Dan Hopkins.

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