Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ten Things That Mobile Phones Will Make Obsolete

Link to November 21 post. (via slashdot)

The list.
1. Phone boxes. (Some of us refer to them as telephone booths.)
2. Wristwatches. (Pocket watches, too, I suspect.)
3. Bedside alarm clock. (What about the clock radio?)
4. MP3 players. (The iPods that I purchased for JoAnna and Eddie late last year no longer function. The one I bought for myself four years ago is still in fine working order.)
5. Landline home phones. (JoAnna and I are thisclose to giving up ours.)
6. Compact digital cameras. (I'm still a fan.)
7. Netbooks.
8. Handheld game consoles.
9. Paper. (With the implication that it'll be one less reason for people to visit a library.)
10 Thinking. (Offered for yuks.)

These lists are surely as fun to put together as they are to read, but I'd also like to offer the words of forecaster and essayist Paul Saffo, as an antidote: "Just because a new medium arrives doesn't mean an old medium dies out."

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