Friday, May 13, 2011

Wausau Considers Naming Rights as a Way to Generate New Revenue

The likeliest candidates?

Wausau considers selling property naming rights. (, 5/11/2011)

Excerpt: The city is entertaining the idea of naming rights as it considers new ways to raise revenue. The City Council's Finance Committee is exploring the concept, either through naming rights or a sponsorship.

Finance director Maryanne Groat says the city already receives about $30,000 annually for advertising on MetroRide buses and elsewhere.

The Wausau Daily Herald reports committee member Bill Nagle says the city has an obligation to generate revenue and provide property tax relief by any means necessary -- "as long as it's not unethical or immoral

Too bad the library is a county operation.
I like the sound of the  
Fiskars Public Library 
A Cut Above the Rest!
If Marathon County ran with this idea, we could have the Ditto branches.

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