Monday, May 9, 2011

New Administrative Rule Forces Change in North Carolina Regional Library System Organization

Regional Library system might split. Gaston-Lincoln could turn into independent systems based on new state rules and regulations. (Charlotte Observer, 5/8/2011)

Excerpt:    Currently, there are 14 regional systems in North Carolina, and Moose said each is a slightly different operation. Since the early 2000s, she said, the state rules commission has been looking at governance issues in the systems. The process has been long and complicated, but rules and regulations have been rewritten.

The bottom line is that Lincoln and Gaston might be required to split into independent systems and hire their own finance directors.

Moose said she doesn't know how much that would cost, but "it won't be cheap."

People in library circles were looking forward to what they expected would be "a constructive update of administrative codes," said Moose.

Instead, they found themselves "casualties of the process."

The systems have until Nov. 1 to present their plans which will be in place by July, 2012

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